Perry leaned into Gran and blew gently on her cheek.

‘Gran,’ she said. ‘Gran? Who am I?’

‘Well,’ said Gran, tartly, ‘if you don’t know I can’t help you.’

Who indeed is Perry? And who is Gran? Who are Doris, Beverley, Stephen, Loto, Audrey and the myriad others at Santa Lucia in the loop of the river?

There is much about their lives that is puzzling and chaotic, but Perry has a plan. She is making an alphabet of everyone and everything at Santa Lucia. The alphabet is orderly after all, a beautiful, predictable pattern that everyone understands…Or do they?

A story about family and friendship. A story with bumblebees, biscuits, and people who are a bit bonkers. A story that reminds us again of the enduring alliance between the young and the very old.

2013 LIANZA Awards (shortlisted)

Colorful, chaotic line drawings that incorporate elements of the story embellish this novel about a girl’s newfound relationship to her senile grandmother.
...Clever, poignant and sweetly funny, this will be especially appreciated by those who’ve experienced a loved one with dementia.
Kirkus Review