The 10pm Question is a smart, subtle, touching and funny book that contains one of the most accurate portraits of recurrent anxiety I’ve even encountered.

The 10pm Question is a wonderful book and I was left speechless by its prose, its insightful story, its plethora of fascinating characters...
The most fascinating thing for me is how The 10PM Question is a book about mental illness that manages to deal with such a charged, complicated topic with tactfulness and without being direct or overt. It is really mind-blowing how well the author approaches the subject, how softly it creeps up into the writing until it becomes a veritable elephant in the room....

The 10pm Question is, just like its main characters, a Rara Avis: an unusual, uncommon, exceptional, unique, perfect book.

Nearly every character… is a loving, talented, unforgettable eccentric whose dialogue, much like De Goldi’s richly phrased narration, combines heart-stopping tenderness with perfectly timed, deliciously zany humor. Readers from early teens through adults will be drawn to this beautifully nuanced, unsentimental view of family life, friendship, the heroic requirements of growing up, and the rewards of speaking the unspeakable out loud.
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