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The detail of a butterfly's wing – Rebecca Barry Hill
Out of the twilight – Harry Ricketts
Dementia and finding meanings in the chaos – Rebecca Barry Hill


Simply by sailing in a new direction

Landscape and memory


Legends of the swamp – The Margaret Mahy Lecture 2011



I am a fiction writer who also writes essays and speeches on literary subjects, but I think of myself in many ways as a professional reader. I review and discuss books in both print and broadcast media, with a particular emphasis on children’s literature; I am also often asked to moderate other writers’ sessions at literature festivals – so a good deal of my working life is spent – most happily - reading and thinking about other people’s writing. Perhaps the best part of my working year, though, is the time I spend teaching creative writing in schools throughout New Zealand - there is nothing quite as rousing and nourishing for a writer as close proximity to the imaginative life and perspective of young people.  My current projects include: co-editing (with Susan Paris, editor of the School Journal ) a children’s Annual, to be published by Gecko Press in 2016; and a book about children’s literature bibliophile, Susan Price.


Storylines Margaret Mahy Medal, 2011
Creative NZ Michael King Fellowship, 2010
NZ Arts Foundation, Arts Laureate, 2001


From the cutting room of Barney Kettle, Longacre, 2015

The ACB of Honora Lee, Longacre, 2012

Finalist, LIANZA Esther Glen Medal, 2013
Finalist, NZ Post Children &Young Adults Book Awards, 2013

The Ten pm Question, Longacre, 2008

Winner, YA Fiction, NZ Post Children & Young Adult Book Awards, 2009
Book of the Year, NZ Post Children & Young Adult Book Awards, 2009
Runner-up, Fiction, Montana NZ Book Awards, 2008
Readers’ Choice Award, Montana NZ Book Awards, 2009
Corine International Book Prize, Young Readers Award, 2011

Closed, stranger, Penguin, 1999

Honor Award, NZ Post Children’s Book Awards, 2000

Love, Charlie Mike, Penguin, 1997

Finalist, NZ Post Children’s Book Awards, 1996

Sanctuary, Penguin, 1996

Winner, Senior fiction, NZ Post Children's Book Awards, 1997
Winner, Esther Glen Medal, LIANZA Book Awards, 1997

like you, really, Penguin, 1994

‘Parkhaven Hotel’ Winner, American Express Short Story Award, 1988
‘A Girl’s Best Friend’ Winner, BNZ/Katherine Mansfield Short Story Award, 1991


With artist Jacqui Colley

Billy; a Lolly Leopold Story, Trapeze, 2006

Uncle Jack, Trapeze, 2005

Clubs; a Lolly Leopold Story, Trapeze, 2004

Winner, Picture Book, NZ Post Children’s Book Awards, 2005
Book of the Year,  NZ Post Children’s Book Awards, 2005